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ECU remapping, engine chipping, and chip tuning all mean the same thing. Tuning or remapping is the changing of the parameters giving more performance or fuel economy. With most cars we simply plug into their OBD (on-board diagnostic’s) port, in others we actually need to remove the ECU itself to be able to access the EPROM. Doing it this way allows you to bring each stage in progressively as the boost level rises, which in turn will make your 4wd ECU Remapping is the safest way to increase the power and torque of the modern common rail diesel engine today. Get your gearbox behaving like it should! Increase fuel efficiency & tow effortlessly with the torque converter locking earlier in 4th, 5th & 6th gear, and use 6th gear at 100km/h! Discover why hundreds of 200 Series owners around Victoria, Australia & the world are raving about our exclusive transmission remap! Learn EFI engine tuning via online courses. Australia's Leading Auto Chip Tuning Provider We are an enthusiastic team with a combined experience of over 15 years in car tuning, ECU Remapping, specialising in performance improvement optimisation. Our car tuners harness the advancement in diesel tuning technology to make your engine more responsive. When a manufacturer develops a new vehicle they take into consideration all driving conditions and regions in which they intend to sell this model, in other words the tuning is a compromise. We offer the ECU Remapping service for local customers in Perth, Western Australia. What is ECU Remapping/Tuning. Specializing in ECU Remapping, tuning, accessories, repair & more! Chip tuning is changing or modifying an erasable programmable read only memory chip in an automobile's or other vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency. Even in North America, a nation famed for its love of the petrol engine is starting to come around to the benefits of turbo diesel passenger cars in particular. Fastest growing remapping company with over 850+ dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres, in over 83 countries. Truck Tune Australia are specialists in creating custom ECU remapping software solutions for trucking vehicles. We use the latest state of the art tuning techniques, software and equipment to develop world leading safe, reliable, well conceived ECU engine tuning remap. Are you looking for the best ECU Remapping Australia, ECU Chip Tune, or a ECU Remap? Australia Towbars & Performance got you covered! Australia - Quantum Tuning is an authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer in Australia for Chip Tuning, ECU Remapping, DPF Solution, Diesel Remap, Engine  ECUWEST is an Australian owned company specialising in ECU Remapping and Tune File writing for all cars, 4WD's, bikes, trucks and boats. Try remapping it with software from Superchips, Revo and more at Demon Tweeks ECU Remapping & Software | Demon Tweeks JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Our team has a combined experience of over twenty five years in the motor industry, working for ourselves and also for several of the main dealers and high end car specialists. 3 AMG engines. Matt's 1500hp, 8sec Holden Ute is a perfect blend of a tough streeter and a weekend racer. Pioneers in ECU Remapping, Diesel Tuning, DPF Removal, Engine Tuning and Chip Tuning. Custom Motorcycle Dyno Tuning also available. . Australia Wide ECU Remapping. What is the ECU. Our ECU Re-Flashes have been painstakingly developed on our state of the art vertical marine engine dynamometer and then put through grueling boat tests on the water. ECU remapping will optimise your vehicle's performance. For everyone at Infinitech, Car, Marine, Petrol, Diesel, Motorcycle, Fleet and Truck remapping isn’t just our business, it’s our obsession. What’s so special about the LS? Mechanical & Performance upgrades - Ecu remapping - Roll cages - Chassis & suspension - All custom fabrication Though we specialise mainly in roll cages and chassis fabrication, with our specialised welding and fabrication, the list of services we can provide is almost endless Rust Repairs Chassis strengthing Chassis building Diff shortening Diff conversions Coilover conversions Front Request tuning. As an Australian first, the Kraftwerk Performance team partnered with WEISTEC Engineering and brought to Australia the ultimate performance upgrade for the 6. We then write the software back into your ECU with the changes made. Oct 03, 2018 · Superchips Australia release the Superchips Bluefin vehicle ECU tuning device for all Audi & Volkwagen 1. Power Tech Tuning for the very best custom dyno tuning and electronic ECU remapping procedures to unleash the most powerful and safest results from your Performance, Tow, or Track car ECU Remap is just a software update and it's the safest way to achieve much more efficiency for a modern Diesel vehicle. This often sounds to good to be true, however it is a well known fact that many engines come out of factory’s “detuned”, so that manufacturer’s can up-sell more expensive vehicles with “more powerful engines”. DPS's research and development team, based in Waikato, not only develop its own software for New Zealand vehicles, it also has strong connections with Australia and Europe. Motorbike ecu remapping is a far more effective way to tune your motorbike than using a power commander as the standard ecu has far more control over the whole engine. NDS Provide emissions delete services for most makes & models of diesel engines & ECUs. Making Roo Systems Land Rover ECU Remapping. THIS SALE FOR the best latest most popular ecu programming softwares around 30gb database of various remapping softwares which you will receive in 2 -3 DVD OR quick DOWNLOAD LINKS. You depend on it, We're passionate  EcuTeK Enhance Factory Ecu's Re-Mapping of Standard Factory Engine Control Units systems for Enhanced Performance. Vehicle Remapping Australia is your local Viezu Authorised Dealer. Vehicle Remapping Australia’s aim is to offer outstanding customer service backed by the industry leading ECU reprogramming specialists – Viezu Technologies. Superchips bluefin can tune Turbo petrol or turbo diesel models STING ECU REMAPPING PERTH: The Sting ECU Remap, performed on most computer-controlled Common Rail Diesel vehicles, is a custom tune that is “flashed” onto the car’s Engine Control Unit or ECU – the brain of your vehicle. Developed in Australia for Australian conditions, Supertech Automotive uses precision calibration equipment and techniques to reprogram your vehicle's ECU,   13 Dec 2018 You can get many benefits from ECU remapping. TOAD™ is collection of car diagnostics and tuning software — jam packed inside an online downloadable membership. Your laptop simply plugs into the ECU directly via USB (for early model vehicles) or into the vehicle diagnostic port (for later model vehicles) using a Nissan Consult cable. * Software is downloadable. This is done by reading out the factory software and modifying its tables using highly specialized software. EcuteK supports the retuning of the factory ECU in your, Nissan, Great Wall, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda. This brings your BMW 220d to 171 kW with 435 Nm. Once you are registered and you have credits in your account you can upload your original file and request tuning and special request files ie DPF, EGR, DTC etc (Special request files are suitable only for racing or off-road vehicles only). TuneBoy is all about helping you look after your bike yourself. ECU remapping can modify fuel pressure and injection timing and cycles, ignition timing, absolute boost and boost delivery as well as throttle input maps and torque limiting maps. Quantum Tuning has a database of over 50,000 unique files supplying a network of approximately 1000 dealers the world over – we are the largest ECU remapping and chip tuning dealer group. With this concept we simply plug into your own ECU and download the required map. It is the most economical way to improve you’re performance. The main reason for having an Auxiliary injector map is so you can add additional injectors to your engine & activate them in “stages”. Our diesel tuning specialists are able to significantly improve the power, torque and fuel-efficiency of your vehicle by completing a Roo Systems ECU retune. Once a customers vehicle has a Nistune board installed, the customer can drive in, you do the tune, flash in the change and they drive out. What is ECU Remapping/Tuning? ECU remapping tuning, also known as tuning or chipping involves altering the standard parameters in your factory ECU. The STING ECU Remap makes a huge difference to how this Dmax drives, especially with another 45hp at the tyres! Fuel economy has also improved by 2 – 3L/100km. A vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) controls how the engine works. Unfollow ecu remapping kit to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. Flash Diesel covers the top reasons why you should invest in remapping your vehicle. mail@quantumtuning. With up-to-date training and 35 years in the diesel and tuning industries in Australia, we have a solid technical and practical knowledge of the mechanics of modern diesel technology. Standard OEM vehicles have a very 'doughy' ECU tune to compensate for bad fuel octane. * What makes Performance Tech different to other ECU remapping companies in Australia? Not all car ECU remapping services are the same, and you should be careful who you entrust with your vehicle. “What we do is read the factory calibration in the ECU,” Paul Farrell told us. Chip Tuning is now leading the way in Remap Engine Tuning in Australia and elsewhere. Gain up to 35% more power/torque & 15% better economy. We'll see how it goes as they seem to have a good reputation with safe and sensible tunes. Specializing in European car tuning as well as the Japanese and Korean Market. We do not use cheap inferior piggy back type boxes. All Mechanical repairs and servicing Welcome to REVO. Whilst you manage your customers, you can leave the actual remapping exercise to us. Agri Tune Australia are specialists in creating custom ECU remapping software solutions for agricultural and heavy machinery Agri Tune Australia are able to safely and accurately optimise the engine’s ECU (engine control unit) to increase performance in power and torque to best suit the specific needs of each machine. ECU remapping tuning, also known as tuning or chipping involves altering the standard parameters in your factory ECU. Diesel Tuning Australia (DTA) epitomise what customer service should be. Chris, Mark and the team have strong connections in Australia, New Zealand and Europe - connections that deepen their experience and knowledge in ECU re-mapping. F or the uninitiated and those looking into car ECU tuning and remapping for the first time, the best place to start is to define what exactly we are doing and how we are doing it. Each EFI tuning course is broken down into easy to understand videos with a support community and live tuning lessons A Nizpro Marine ECU Re-Flash is the answer. Moreover, recent cars including BMW F series, are fitted with ECU protection, which prevents owners from doing ECU remapping. Because it changes ECU characteristic, it may void your manufacturer warranty as it can be detected trace from your ECU. Chip tuning is predominantly on older vehicles. Legendex Optimizer Remaps are written for Australia's unique conditions including climate, elevation, emissions control, and diesel fuel quality. WHAT IS ECU REMAPPING? When a manufacturer develops a new car they have to take into consideration all the conditions it may be exposed to. In a nutshell, we are updating and modifying the car’s’ engine control unit. Also FULL SOFTWARES including ecu remapping + diagnostics + Auto repair. ECU Remapping, Chip Tuning & Car engine tuning is what we do, and what we do well. If you’ve got larger tyres, you’ll rarely use sixth. To see more details and what can be done with a simple Pro Cable or a complete custom tune follow the links here. We are your go to place for ECU remapping of all Diesel & 4x4s. A power commander will only adjust the fuel mixture by changing the injection duty cycle. Visit our website or call now! ECU remapping is taking a read from the ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard compromised map and adjusting various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the true performance from the engine. The company who remapped the  Improve your vehicle performance and fuel consumption by through ECU remapping. Using the power of the ECUnleashed re tuning suit we can offer updates and modifications to the factory fitted ECU’s with customised remapping Superchips Australia stage 1 ECU tune adds +45 BHP & +81 Nm torque to your BMW 220d F22 (135 kW) Power +45 BHP increase @ 4158 Rpm & Torque +81 Nm increase @ 3342 Rpm. Using our AlienTech tuning equipment we are able to custom tune just about any late model vehicle today. Operating 8 hours a day Monday-Friday, we are easy to contact for remapping support during your business hours and after hours by appointment. 1 Diesel Performance Centre. Soooo . Remapping ECU's for bikes. Let’s start at the beginning. Get tuned with Superchips Australia. ECU remapping is at the fore-front of technology for vehicle performance. The throttle response, delivery of power, the power and torque itself and also the economy. A common ECU we would find in Australia – A Denso unit from a VDJ79R 4. Chiptuning may come in as a great alternative to ECU remapping as it does not require any change in the ECU. Master and slave tune files are available, and you will usually receive your files back within 60 minutes. 2. Remapping ECU's for your cars. In Australia we are lucky enough to have great octane fuel, and teamed up with a PPD Performance exhaust system, it is extremely beneficial to have your 4x4 and utility's ECU remapped to maximise the power and torque safely. 6 TDCi DPF Removal/Delete/Bypass Latest News The Truth about Engine ECU Upgrades, Chips & Re-mapping | Auto Mazda CX-5 - Australia - ECU Remapping and Programming | DPF EVO Magazine – 5 STAR RATING Commonly performed services include the repair of N16 Pulsar ECU's and idle control motors, Holden VZ Commodore BCM repairs (indicators staying on) , Toyota RAV4 transmission control / ECU repairs, and the repair of Bosch ABS control modules (electronic module only), to suit a range of vehicles. Who's it for? It's either for home car owners who'd like to save on fuel, improve horse power, adjust driving comfort (like RPM to gear change) 3 results for ecu remapping kit Save ecu remapping kit to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Truck Tune Australia are able to safely and accurately optimise the engine’s ECU (engine control unit) to increase performance in power and torque to best suit the specific needs of each machine. More Power & More Torque. If the cleint has already had their ECU reprogrammed by an EcuTek tuning partner, they can contact them or you for an upgrade. It is also about letting YOU tune your bike. However, the customers should know that ECU remapping may void the warranty of a car. 30 Day money back Guarantee ! ( If you are unhappy with tune your money will be Flash Diesel is the leading diesel Australia company, providing outstanding ECU Remapping, intercoolers upgrades, and more to enhance the performance of diesel vehicles. With up-to-date training and many years in the diesel and tuning industries in Australia, we have a solid technical and practical knowledge of the mechanics of modern diesel technology. ECU Remap. uk (+44) 1895-323093 Hino ECU Mail Order Service. Both Normally Aspirated, Turbo Petrol and Turbo Diesel. With most cars we simply plug into their OBD (on-  2 Dec 2017 When I asked for a diagnostic they claimed it was because the ECU was remapped so therefore it is my fault. This is called ECU remapping but is sometimes referred to as chip tuning, dyno tuning, or an ECU reflash. ECU remapping diesel performance tuning and petrol 7 years experience with over 30k in genuine master tooling and multiple map modification programs we modify all our maps here in Australia not on sell others tunes, we can tune Toyota Hilux, vdj utes, 200 series Land cruisers engine and transmission to sort converter lockup and gear shift points, Holden RC RG Colorado, Isuzu dmax MUX ECU Remapping. Looking for an ECU remap course in Brisbane? Well, enrol in our ECU tuning school in Australia and make a marked difference to your automotive business. After years of research and development, CRD Technology have designed exactly that! The Select-A-Map ECU allows a vehicle to be remapped simply and safely without tampering with the ECU, yet it is quickly and easily installed, just like a diesel tuning box. Contact Us  What is Engine Control Unit OR ECU Programming | What is ECU Remap | Saving fuel with ECU tuning | Benefits of ECU Remapping | Petrol Engine | Diesel . co. Diesel Tune Australia provides the latest and best technology solutions for diesel vehicle tuning, ECU remapping and CRD performance upgrades in Melbourne. Find out more. The USB covers all cars with OBD 1 & OBD 2 including Audi, Citroen, Ford, VW, Renault, BMW, Skoda, Opel, Peugeot, Vauxhall an others. Haltech 2020 Merchandise Range is here! Haltech Heroes: Matt’s 1500hp Beaut Ute. Get more performance out of your Mercedes Benz with our range of ECU remap and engine performance tuning products. What is ECU Remapping. Experts in Diesel ECU Remapping, Chip Tuning, ECU Flash Tuning, ECU Flash Remapping, Exhaust Packages, Baja Lights Australia and more. The figures do not lie; Our VW Amarok ECU Remapping service increases power by 29% and torque increase by 18% safely, all for an extremely low cost. Efficiency is greatly improved – and because it’s the same process the manufacturer uses – it’s safe for your engine. 5D4D Landcruiser – its basically the same as a 200 Series ECU but no TCM Microprocessor, that is what the space is in the bottom right hand corner. Christchurch ECU Remapping, Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information on what Roo Systems can do to your diesel 4WD call our national sales hotline 1300 305 709. AVR Provide Industry Leading ECU Remapping Tune Files to Partner Workshops Australia Wide. 1,159 likes · 59 talking about this · 23 were here. The benefits from adjusting the different maps in a vehicle are increase performance, less fuel used, more power & torque. With our dealer network right across Australia no matter where you are located, you can trust that when it comes to anything DPU we have got your covered. CHIP TUNING is the same result as a remap but instead of programming the ECU (engine control unit), electronically the tuning chips within the ECU are re-flashed with new tuning data to increase to increase the performance of your vehicle. West End Diesel Services offers complete Roo Systems ECU remapping services across Sydney. One way to optimise your engine is through ECU remapping. What is Legendex's Optimizer Remapping? Remapping or Flash Tuning is a comprehensive procedure to alter a number of key parameters in the vehicle’s ECU( Engine Control Unit) including… Dynotronics specializes the remapping and tuning of ECU's. Contact Us Today! We’ve helped customers with diesel tuning and ECU remapping all around Australia, from Perth to Cairns and everywhere in between, including Mackay, Darwin, Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Newcastle, Gippsland, and the North, East, South & Central Wheatbelt. Mobile ecu remapping and chip tuning services available in Malaysia and surrounding area. Most carmakers don’t maximise the specifications of their vehicles. We rewrite or ECU REMAP the vehicles engine software to safely gain more power and torque. We can custom tune your motor vehicle to enhance its performance just by re-calibrating the factory software on the factory engine management system. ECU Remapping And Tuning Solutions Australia Wide WHAT IS ECU REMAPPING? When a manufacturer develops a new car they have to take into consideration all the conditions it may be exposed to. Over 500,000 vehicles tuned since 1977. Developed in Australia for Australian conditions, Supertech Automotive uses precision calibration equipment and techniques to reprogram your vehicle’s ECU, much in the same way that the manufacturer does. We delete DPF, EGR, SCR / Adblue to restore reliability and save owners thousands of dollars on expensive repair bills where the alternative is replacement of these components. Victoria - Scanfix is an authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer in Victoria for Chip Tuning, ECU Remapping, DPF Solution, Diesel Remap, Engine Tuning and Performance Remapping At service haus we offer it all from European to trucks to earth moving equipment we do it all from auto electrical to ecu remapping, dpf delete egr delete standard ecu tunning , log book servicing 24-7 call outs & tyres we are your one stop shop we have over 15 years experience and offer pinkslips blueslips defect clearance and heavy veh ECU Remapping, Flash Tuning, ECU Re-flash, whatever you would like to refer to it as, is becoming more mainstream, but believe me there is a difference between these terms. RexXer ECU tuning Australia has now brought forward a whole new concept in engine management. Protune Australia only use the highest quality maps and most up to date software which is sourced from Italy. Lowes Diesel & 4x4 are your specialists when it comes to ECU remapping and tuning for Trucks & Heavy vehicles. All car manufacturers release their automobiles to the market with software restrictions placed on fuel consumption, fuel pressure and distribution, boost pressure, and torque limits, lessening their available power-curves. ECU Remap is guaranteed to improve your driving experience, by customizing to your desires, giving you more power, torque, performance tune, turning off systems such as DPF, EGR and Speed Limiter. WhichCar is the home of 4X4 Australia magazine. Here at Remap Tuning Services, we offer ECU Remapping, Turbo Tune, Diesel Tuning, Car Performance Tuning services in Adelaide. Range Rover / Discovery 3 / Discovery 4 / Defender ECU remapping solutions are available for all vehicles listed below If you don’t see your vehicle listed please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to find out what tuning solutions we have available for your vehicle. Getting the most from your vehicle in terms of economy and performance is a great way to improve the overall driving experience and save money on fuel costs over the years. Serving Perth and the surrounding area, VA Technic provide a first-class service backed by industry-leading expertise in VAG tuning, customisation and maintenance. Diesel tuning in Australia for trucks, tractors & utes - ECU remapping in Australia including Perth, Newcastle, Mackay, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, North, South  Vehicle Remapping Australia is your local Viezu Authorised Dealer. When I investigated diesel tuning services, DTA jumped out at me. If they are a new customer, they simply choose an EcuTek partner from the dealer list and specify that they would like the map switching feature when your ECU is tuned. The ECU Remap is a safe way of optimizing the power of your engine within safe limits (not beyond them!). This tells how hard the ECU remapping is and how it could affect the durability of the car parts. Our engineers at Infinitech Tuning can optimize every aspect of the engines ECU. Give us a shout today to see how our ECU remapping services are helping 4×4 vehicles across Perth improve their performance. An ECU remap can help design your car’s performance just for you whether you use your car for trade, family movement, towing or you’re an off-road enthusiast. Australia - Quantum Tuning is an authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer in Australia for Chip Tuning, ECU Remapping, DPF Solution, Diesel Remap, Engine Tuning and Performance Remapping ECU tuning can be carried out at our Roo Systems head office in Banyo Brisbane or at a selected Roo Systems premium dealer Australia Wide. As more and more businesses attempt to join this industry, it is alarming at some of the work, and rework that we have been seeing lately. Specifically programmed tuning boxes for Peugeot RCZ engines. If you live overseas or you can’t get your truck to us for tuning you can simply remove the ECU from the truck and mail it to us for a remap. All our dealers receive thorough initial training, and then receive ongoing support and technical development to ensure that every aspect of your remap is Understanding what an ECU remap is about. Specialising in DTC solutions and ECU Diagnosis, we get you back on the road in no time. With an ECU remap, the ECU’s standard software is extracted, modified and then reloaded back onto the ECU. Injection Quantity, Injection Duration, Injection Pressure, Turbo Boost Pressure, Spark Advance, Pedal Maps, Torque Limiters ECU remapping can be fun and the increase in performance and efficiency can be truly amazing, but, if not done correctly it can also be dangerous. 8 TSI and 2. The ECU is programmed by the manufacturer to operate and run the engine. Vortex CDI, ECU & EFI products for off-road bikes are designed to not just maximise engine power output but to customise the power delivery to suit riding style, capabilities and track conditions. This means instead of just optimising the ECU’s program or ‘map’ to deliver the best performance or the most fuel efficiency they have to make compromises. Save up to 30% on your fuel bill, increase power and torque. ECU REMAPPING BENEFITS FOR TURBOCHARGED DIESEL ENGINES. Technicians can find out whether there has been a change in the vehicle as the ECU leaves trace. C Class – Read More About C Class Tuning ECU Remapping Australia - ECU Chip Tune - ECU Remap Reading of the ECU data is performed on the Chip Tuning Frame and the data is then engineered by a Software Development Engineer who adjusts up to 51 items on the ECU, including limiters, turbo boost, air to fuel ratio, fuel injection to achieve a safe & effective "tune". 30 Day money back Guarantee ! ( If you are unhappy with tune your money will be ECU Remapping is our specialty and each year we continue to invest more time and resources into research and development on Australian vehicles nationwide IN AUSTRALIA!. Find out how our chip tuning software can transform your Alfa Romeo. What's more, tuning/remapping is completely safe because you can backup and restore original ECU data back to car in 1-click. Vehicle manufacturers de-tune the engine by setting the software on the ECU to default before sending the vehicle out. ECU Remapping or using tuning module will change the performance of your vehicle as follows. Contact Us Today! Australia's No. Supertech Auto is Australia’s leading service ECU Remapping car tuning melbourne dealer that has been serving vehicle owners across Thomastown, who want to enhance the performance of A vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) Diesel Tuning Melbourne controls how the engine works. 67 likes. ECU Remapping DPF, EGR, SCR, Ad Blue Deletes. ECU tuning, remapping + chip tuning. This gives IMPROVED DRIVABILITY and the added bonus of enhanced fuel economy on diesel engines. – free Posted on February 29, 2012 by fcrmaster TuneECU is a totally FREE software for the reprogramming, diagnosis and testing of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) fitted to Electronic Fuel Injected Triumph, KTM, Aprilia & Benelli motorcycles. Having invested almost $100,000 into hardware, software, research and development, Just Autos continue to provide proven results time and time again when it comes to custom ECU remaps, common rail diesel tuning and modification in Australia. Mercedes Benz ECU remap and engine performance tuning is offered for the following vehicles: A45/CLA45/GLA45 – Read More About A45/CLA45/GLA45 Tuning. Viezu make enhancements to the ECU’s programme which improves how it uses data from the sensors delivering results which are otherwise unobtainable. Our products are successfully used by teams competing in many different forms of motorsports, such as drifting, drag racing, rally and circuit racing. Superchips remap Max 230 BHP @ 4547 Rpm & Superchips remap Max 435 Nm @ 2565 Rpm. At Infinitech Tuning is what we do and what we do well! Some of the products and services we offer to you! From performance and economy tuning, Diesel tuning, chip tuning, engine remapping, 4x4 4WD tuning, Marine, Plant and equipment, jet ski tuning, Agricultural, Motorcycle tuning, DSG transmission tuning, truck and bus tuning, fleet tuning soulations, DPF removal and many more. Nationwide Mobile Remapping Service Available. Performance Chip Tuning have been working with our partners ECUnleashed to remove the ECU restrictions on a number of popular bikes Car Diagnostic ECU Remapping Software (OBD 1 + OBD 2) on 16 GB USB. You will also get the added benefits of: Ecumaster was founded in 2009 and is the fastest growing engine management manufacturer in the tuning and motorsport market. By tuning the ECU, our technicians can unlock hidden potential within your vehicle, allowing it to safely operate at higher levels of torque through raising the engine’s specs off of the base limits that are often placed at the time of manufacture. Inspired by the track and developed for the road, it’s the how and why we do what we do that makes us unique. Represented in over 83 countries providing quality remapping services The torque convertor locks in way too late, then it holds fifth gear from 70km/h to around 120km/h before it’ll finally lug over into sixth. Engine ECU chiptuning / remapping is a worthwhile endevour supplementing your income with expanded levels of service to your customers. Quantum Tuning - India - Locate your nearest ecu programming dealer/agent from over 850 dealers and 1000+ Approved Installation Centres. When you arrive, the staff are quick to acknowledge you and serve you. Most manufacturers set their ECU’s conservatively. The ECU or Engine Control Unit is basically a computer that controls fuel intermix and turbo boost functions. East Coast Performance Tuning is a family owned & operated 4WD & performance business. Nizpro Marine have developed an ECU Re-Flashing system that is so simple to use that even you can do it in your own home! A vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) controls how the engine works. Roo Systems are leaders in 4WD ECU remapping in Australia with the ability to custom tune over 30 popular models available in the country today. If you are not satisfied with how your vehicle performs, you can consider having ECU Tuning Melbourne and remapping services from Supertech Auto. Most modern vehicles contain an ECU (or Engine Control Unit) that is effectively a small computer which controls how the engine works. We have an array of sister companies around Australia  Celtic Tuning offer ECU Remaps for Alfa Romeo models. Revo was born from adrenaline-fuelled success in championship winning race teams. Optimises your engine control unit’s outputs. Mind-blowing 660 HP / 485kw and 770 Nm are powering the first CLK 6. NDS can provide a mail order remapping service for clients based in remote areas & abroad. Supertech Auto is Australia’s leading service ECU Remapping Melbourne dealer that has been serving vehicle owners across Thomastown, who want to enhance the performance of A vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) controls how the engine works. 1,127 likes · 27 talking about this · 23 were here. 3 AMG Black Series on Sydney roads. At United Fuel Injection, we love performance. We can also provide ECU remapping training for auto mechanics. Sep 29, 2008 · What they might tell you is that they remap Evo V's and VI's, but what they would do for that is remap an Evo VII or VIII ECU as they are interchangeable with the earlier evo's due to haveing same Engine/driveline config, sort of like using the facelift ECU in a pre-facelift Legnum. Understanding what an ECU remap is about. Diesel Performance Solutions has been re-mapping ECUs for over 16 years and in Australia's wide range of conditions, they develop their own software to local needs. ECUWEST has the biggest range of motorcycle performance ECU remapping Tune Files in Australia, developed in house on our dyno and tested at the track. Professional ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning Specialists - Get a Remap by Custom TuningProfessional ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning Specialists - Get a Remap by Custom Tuning Supertech Auto is Australia’s leading service ECU Remapping car tuning melbourne dealer that has been serving vehicle owners across Thomastown, who want to enhance the performance of A vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) Diesel Tuning Melbourne controls how the engine works. Protune is Australia‘s Best ECU Remapping, DPF Removal, DPF Cleaning, Vehicle Diagnostics, Car ECU Tuning, Truck ECU Tuning and Tractor ECU Tuning company. This is where ECU remapping comes into play. Over 10 years experience in Diesel Common Rail ECU Tuning. Get upto 40% MORE POWER & 15% FUEL SAVING on Volkswagen T5 engines using TMC Motorsport Tuning Boxes by ECU Remapping via chip. The software within these engine control units have been programmed very conservatively by the manufacturer with generic settings, to cater for the most common performance Supertech Auto is Australia’s leading ECU remapping service dealer that has been serving vehicle owners across Thomastown who want to enhance the performance of their cars. If you are not satisfied with how your vehicle performs you can consider having… AdBlue is used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles equipped with SCR technology. You are kept in the loop and given the help you need efficiently. They are welcoming, friendly and want to help you. Get upto 40% MORE POWER & 15% FUEL SAVING on Peugeot RCZ engines using TMC Motorsport Tuning Boxes by ECU Remapping via chip. This means that your ECU does not need to be removed or tampered with. Our custom files provide the most economical way to improve the efficiency of your engine resulting in: MORE HORSEPOWER, MORE TORQUE, REV LIMITER ADJUSTMENT & SPEED GOVERNOR REMOVAL. can you remap the ECM on an outboard or are they already tuned to the max. We have a dyno in house, or we can tune on the road. Wire in link management ECUs, Plug in ECUs, accessories and much more. The Holiday. Melbourne - Exceltune is an authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer in Melbourne for Chip Tuning, ECU Remapping, DPF Solution, Diesel Remap, Engine Tuning and Performance Remapping Here are some of the parameters that are altered during a Remapping process. Dec 13, 2018 · Top 4 Advantages of ECU Remapping. ECU remapping is an easy and cost effective method of increasing your vehicle’s power output and improving fuel consumption. Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ ECU tuning now available Peugeot 207/308/3008/508 1. 5 Benefits Of Engine ECU Remapping In Australia. In this weeks episode of Tech Tips we will be explaining how to set up the Auxiliary injector map on our LT-16c and LT-32c ECU’s. At ECU-TECH AUSTRALIA we know your car is more than a tool that gets you from point A to point B, it's your freedom. Remapping or ‘flash tuning’ your ECU fine tunes the software that controls engine performance. AutoTune software is progressing to cover as many brands as possible to help the end user build custom maps for their bike, whether it is a stock standard bike or something with a little more “bling”. Top 10 Questions Asked Regarding Vehicle ECU Remapping Vehicle ECU Remapping is the process to access the vehicles ECU or ‘brain’ with a laptop PC, either through the vehicles diagnostic socket (OBDII Port) or directly onto the ECU with the ECU out of the car and on the work bench. Many see the modern crop of Turbocharged diesels as the future of road car tuning. There's a tuner close to you. ECU tuning improves the performance of your vehicle in ways you were not aware. ECU Remapping Perth Looking for ECU remapping Perth? VA Technic Perth are authorised Hyperchips dealers in Perth, Australia. I read lots of posts about re chipping or remapping ECM's in vehicles, particularly diesels but also petrol engines. We are a ECU tuning team based in Christchurch. More Power :: More Torque :: More Efficiency. We are an official dealer for Brisbane and Gold Coast ECU Remapping. Based in NSW, Performance Tech provides a fast turnaround of ECU remapping and tuning files developed in Australia on Australian vehicles. All you do is read the ECU, write back the tuned file and close the deal! Superchips Australia ECU tuning & remapping, (VW) Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Ford, Skoda, & more. Diesel Ecu Remapping in Castle Hill, Hawkesbury, Penrith & surrounding Sydney suburbs. 0 TSI models. VIEZU Technologies was established with one clear goal, to offer the very best vehicle ecu remappingand car tuning service available anywhere in the world. manual data softwares available. With an ECU remap, the ECU's standard software is extracted, modified and then reloaded back onto the ECU. Remapping is our main business and is conducted from our workshop in Willerby, Australia. This strengthens DPS's experience and knowledge in ECU remapping. Supertech Automotive ECU Remapping Technology is engineered to be completely safe for your vehicle, engine, and transmission. ECU remapping will improve diesel performance for your tractor, truck or ute Most modern trucks, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery have engine control units (ECUs). VIEZU - Economy Remap, Car Engine Tuning, ECU Remapping. This guide explains exactly what is meant by these terms and will help you to decide whether remapping your car or van will benefit you! Diesel Tuning / ECU Remapping. ECU Remapping is becoming a popular tool to decrease costs and fix some common issues. Vehicle tuning, ECU Remapping, on all cars, vans and trucks. The benefits of the ECU Remapping are, an increase in power and torque, better fuel economy with enhanced, sharper throttle response and a much smoother and more progressive delivery of power. We cover all of Australia and New Zealand. Situated in Perth Western Australia, ECUWEST is your provider of Performance ECU Remapping (Chip Tuning) for most late model Bikes, Cars, Trucks, 4WDs, Boats and Agricultural Machinery. You will receive personalised attention and be taught every aspect of ECU remapping. AdBlue converts harmful Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) generated by diesel engines into harmless nitrogen and steam and, in doing so, it considerably reduces a major source of atmospheric pollution that is known to aggravate asthma. We always keep a copy of your factory ECU file so we can revert back to the factory program at Nov 26, 2013 · Ducati ECU Mapping what ECU remapping and modification is all about ,We are specialists in motorcycle performance parts and carbon fibre, contact us for a discount coupon code. That’s why most owners don’t know that their cars are not performing as efficiently as they could. VIEZU has been driving for perfection in the science of car tuning and REMAP SOFTWARE, without compromise for many years. ECU Remapping Services. Haltech Authentic Streetwear 2020. Operate within  ECUFLASH UK Offer Custom ECU Remapping on all models of Cars, Vans, HGV's and Tractors. May 10, 2013 · The world’s best imaging and graphic design software is at the core of just about every creative project, from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design. It gives you the same functions as original dealer car diagnostic tools (that are only available at car factories or repair shops and inaccessible to the public). We Offer: Bespoke tuning programmes Brisbane and Goldcoast ECU Remapping, Gold Coast, Queensland. Worldwide dealer network with the best performance gains in the industry. STEP 4: Read/Write data to vehicles EEPROM ECU chip. ECU Tuning is also known as remaping. Thanks mike trying to get out from some of the physical hard labour and into more interesting and less strenuous stuff. Brisbane and Goldcoast ECU Remapping, Gold Coast, Queensland. A modern engine can have thousands of parameters that are available to the knowledgeable tuner. The truth about ecu tuning/remapping. Link ECU design & manufacture engine control units that are available worldwide. All vehicles today have ECU's. Trackside: Kenda 660 Radial Series Round 1. car's engine, with a professionally done with a ECU Remapping of the vehicle's factory computer. The ins and outs of the black art of ECU re-mapping. This is the ECU. We specialise in Custom ECU remapping through our flash tuning software, bench tuning hardware and custom tuned performance modules. Specifically programmed tuning boxes for Volkswagen T5 engines. We can even help you safely support upgrades to your vehicle. PERFORMANCE Remapping. Kenda 660 Radial Series kicks off in Sydney. ecu remapping australia

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